Sacramento At Need

Sacramento At Need

Nautilus Society is an affordable cremation provider in the Sacramento area plus surrounding communities including Elk Grove, Lincoln and Rancho Cordova.

Are you looking for a cremation near me? Than Nautilus Society cremation is the right provider for you.

To begin making cremation arrangements call: (916) 564-1234

When a loved one dies at home or in a place that isn’t a healthcare facility, you’ll need to contact the local police (non-emergency phone line) before they can be taken into our care

If your loved one dies in a healthcare facility have them contact Nautilus Society to arrange pick up after the deceased has been cleared.

Upon receiving your call

  • We will arrange logistics and transportation of your loved one
  • Care of the deceased, using refrigeration, in our local facility
  • Arrange and prepare death certificates and permits
  • The cremation process, done individually, at our local facility
  • We include a simple urn for pick up by the next of kin or scatter the ashes at sea

Cremation price


(This price is pick-up from hospital or nursing home)

Cremation price pick up from residence


Extra’s not included = death certificates

$24.00 - 26.00 each (Per County)

Postage for shipping ashes


Weight over 300 lbs.

To be determined at time of need

Any coroner fees

call us (916) 564-1234

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Nautilus Cremation Society
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Nautilus Cremation Society
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6450 Camden St., Oakland, CA 94605

Nautilus Cremation Society
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