Los Angeles At Need

Los Angeles At Need

Nautilus Society is an affordable cremation provider in the South Bay – Beach Cities plus surrounding communities including Santa Monica, Torrance, Long Beach, Lawndale, and Redondo Beach.

Are you looking for a cremation near me? Than Nautilus Society cremation is going to be a good fit anywhere in LA County.

To begin making cremation arrangements call: (310) 370-8080

When a loved one dies at home or in a place that isn’t a healthcare facility, you’ll need to contact the local police (non-emergency phone line) before they can be taken into our care

If your loved one dies in a healthcare facility have them contact Nautilus Society to arrange pick up after the deceased has been cleared.

Upon receiving your call

  • We will arrange logistics and transportation of your loved one
  • Care of the deceased, using refrigeration, in our local facility
  • Arrange and prepare death certificates and permits
  • The cremation process, done individually, at our local facility
  • We include a simple urn for pick up by the next of kin or scatter the ashes at sea

Los Angeles cremation price


Not included = death certificates

$24.00 each (Prices per County)

Postage for shipping ashes


Weight over 350 lbs. or any coroner fees

call us (310) 370-8080

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Nautilus Cremation Society
Sacramento FD#1459
Phone: (916) 564-1234 | (800) 887-7040
2000 Marconi Ave., Sacramento, CA 95821

Nautilus Cremation Society
Oakland FD#1432
Phone: (510) 568-5400 | (800) 824-4498
6450 Camden St., Oakland, CA 94605

Nautilus Cremation Society
Lawndale FD#1475
Phone: (310) 370-8080 | (800) 281-8550
16316 Hawthorne Blvd., Lawndale, CA 90260

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